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Colors | 21972 cards

If you decide to join Colors, it would help me, if you would say Dialny referred you.

Player Dialny
Joined June 06, 2013
Cardcount 21972 cards
Level Rainbow #23
Activity&Trade log

= 13 = 19 = 41 = 51 = 32 = 31 = 38 = 61

Guidelines for trading with me.
I won't trade anything from Collecting or Future
I won't trade from Mass collections or mid priority, unless I make the offer (If you are a trading buddy and ready to master the deck though, ask away)
Might trade cards from low priority for higher ones. I may say no, but still feel free to ask.
Not trading the specials from keeping pile, but character cards I might trade for higher priorities
I mainly trade specials only for other specials, but collecting/high priority character decks are usually ok as well

Trade buddies